7 Symptoms of a Stress Headache

Riding a bike is easy and fun once you learn how to do it. Do you remember when you learned to ride a bike? Once you practiced and acquired the necessary skills, you then became a lifelong bike rider or cyclist.
Just like learning to ride a bike, learning what causes the symptoms of a stress headache can help you to avoid the symptoms and enjoy less headaches.There are 3 common type of headaches Migraines, Tension or Stress, and a Sugar Headache caused by low blood sugar.Stress or tension headaches are the most common type. They usually start when you are under stress or in a stressful situation. The timing that a tension headache lasts can differ greatly. Tension headaches can last for a short time (30 minutes) or continue on for several days. If the stress you are under stays intense or does not subside, the stress headache can keep repeating and re-occurring. Anxiety is also a trigger for tension headaches. Oftentimes, tight neck or shoulder muscles can cause a headache to appear.Symptoms of a Stress Headache:* Pain that feels dull
* Pain can feel sharper at the center
* Constant pressure
* Location of the headache usually is on both sides of the temples
* Aching feeling on the back of the neck and top of the shoulders
* Symptoms get worse if left untreated
* Some experience a brain fog and have trouble concentratingHow often do you suffer from stress headaches? Stress headaches are common to experience from time to time. Suffering from them and having symptoms of a stress headache more than once a week, could mean its time to action and get away from the torment.How to treat symptoms of a stress headache:* Taking an over the counter pain reliever can be helpful
* Drinking enough fluids (mostly water) can aid in subsiding the headache
* Using relaxation and breathing techniques can calm the tension
* Massaging the back of the neck, temples, and base of head will help relieve tightness and loosen the muscles.
* Lying down and taking a little rest is beneficial to easing the throbbing painThese techniques may only help to ease the pain for a while. Try managing your stress levels. Lowering the levels of your stress will greatly diminish the amount of tension headaches you endure. Relaxation techniques like breathing, meditating, and getting a massage, will help in managing your stress and anxiety.

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